Talon Composites designs, develops, manufactures and markets industrial and consumer products utilizing its proprietary advanced metal matrix composite materials, which have a superior combination of physical properties, including strength, light weight, stiffness, hardness and fracture resistance, for a variety of selected markets. The Company has developed technology, for which it has patents pending for the application of boron carbide in combination with aluminum in lightweight metal matrix composites under the name Talbor®.

Boron carbide is an advanced ceramic that is the third hardest material in the world. Introduced commercially in 1999, after more than four years of development, Talbor® is lighter than titanium, has a higher specific stiffness than titanium, aluminum or steel, is one-third the weight of many steels, has a hardness comparable to steel and titanium and highly fracture resistant. Talbor® is easily welded, cast, bent, coated, and extruded with conventional equipment and tools.

The Company believes that Talbor® is a highly effective replacement for many existing high-cost metal and composite products, such as those used in high-end sporting goods, automotive applications, nuclear shielding, and many other applications. The materials unique combination of properties will justify an appropriate price premium.

These applications include:
  1. high end sporting goods such as golf club heads and shafts, premium priced lightweight bicycle frames and components, and racquets;
  2. automotive applications; and
  3. nuclear shielding for both disposal containers and reactor installations.

Other potential applications of Talbor® include its use in marine structural applications; armor for government and military vehicles and for personal protection; structural components for aircraft; automotive and motorcycle components; portable power tools; medical applications such as braces and wheelchairs; and satellite components.

Since 1999, the Company's claims with respect to the superior physical characteristics of Talbor® have been supported by studies and testing, performed by third parties, of its various properties such as strength, homogeneity, hardness, density, stiffness, fracture resistance, resonance and neutron absorption.

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